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Profiling a Company already renowned in the specialised field
of Dehydrated Foodstuffs and now reaching new heights for its
corporate commitment to overseas customers. we are manufacturer of dehydrated white onion products in india including dehydrated onion powder, flakes, minced, chopped, granules etc.

How to Dry fruits and Vegetables

Food dehydration is the oldest form of food preservation. In the beginning, people used a lot to preserve foods, and they dried their food in the sun or on stove tops. Today we have the food dehydrator to help in the process of drying.

Food dehydration is safe because water is removed from the food. Because water is removed from the food, mold and bacteria cannot grow on it; thus it will not spoil. There is, however, a loss of vitamin A and C is dried foods due to heat and air. It usually takes vegetables 6-16 hours to dry, and fruit 12-48 hours.

Dehydrated Food Products Today

Experienced users and health experts know that dry fruits and dehydrated vegetables have a special value. Besides a prolonged shelf life, these products, when processed scientifically, possess all the nutrition & flavor that exist in the fresh ones.

In fact, in scientifically dehydrated fruits and vegetables the nutrition and flavor is enhanced, the captive values remaining so for long periods. Many products are known to keep for as long as five to seven years.

ABS Food Ingredients is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of dehydrated Vegetables, especially onion. The Company exports all its production (100%) to over 25 countries worldwide.


Onions grown for dehydration are different from onions grown for the fresh foods market: they must have high solids content with good pungency and flavour. At ABS’ hi-tech facilities, water is removed from the onion to a maximum level of 4% to 5%, followed by milling or separating to specific particle sizes.

Prior to drying the onion is cleaned and peeled; the tops and roots are removed and the materials washed and sliced. Cleaned & sliced onions pass through the various phases such as temperature, air flow & retention stages. Water is removed scientifically to remove the maximum amount of moisture without damaging the onions volatile flavour compounds.

The ABS Assurance

ABS Food Ingredients ensure quality by controlling managing and regulating the entire process—from farming to dehydration to final packaging and shipment. Besides dehydrated onions and garlic in the form of Flakes, Kibbled Dices, Granules, Powders & Blends, ABS also offer other dehydrated vegetables and spices.

ABS’ Merchant Export Division deals in various spices and agro-products, including vegetables in brine, Herbs/Flowers & Bulbs, Guar Gum, Sesame Seed, various spices and processed foods.

Strategic Exports

With the demands of customers constantly changing, ABS has been extremely successful in meeting their requirements for more than 10 years. The Company’s selective use of worldwide resources ensures optimum quality and continuous availability of its products, making it almost independent of climatic change and non-availability.

Along with utilizing its own production facility, one aspect of the Company’s marketing strategy is employing carefully selected suppliers worldwide. This corporate foresight has paid off rich dividends in terms of profit and enduring prestige.

Customer Oriented

ABS has built its reputation as India’s most trusted supplier of Dehydrated Vegetables. The Company’s expertise in international trading and logistic capability enables its customer’s constant excess to a broad range of products from a single supplier. Despite its extensive worldwide operations ABS Food Ingredients remains a private family-owned company, ensuring personal commitment and service to customers and suppliers the world over.


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